Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Study Plan, 10/03

Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital. The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket.

-- Andrew Carnegie

I revised my study plan after receiving a cornucopia of good advice.

I'll study annotated games from Nunn's Understanding Chess Move by Move more slowly to allow the strategic ideas to sink in. At the same time, I'll learn endgame positions from Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual.

I hope my FICS rating will average 1515 and my Chess Tactics Server rating will reach 1350, but I have less control over those.

10/9 - Reach 8,500 CTS tries, read Nunn games 1-4 (opening themes), play 5 rated games, study Rook vs Pawns endgames.

10/16 - Reach 9,000 CTS tries, read Nunn games 7-11 (attacking play), play 5 rated games, study Bishop vs Pawns endgames.

10/23 - Reach 9,500 CTS tries, read Nunn games 13-15 (defensive play), play 5 rated games, study Knight vs Pawns endgames.

11/01 - Reach 10,000 CTS tries @86.5% accuracy, read Nunn games 28-30 (endgame themes), play 5 rated games, review endgames.

Now all I have to do is execute!

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transformation said...

dear likeForests: nice post this afternoon at CTS, and most gracious.

a few tid bits. first, since you are my friend, it is important that i say im seeing 1400 for you, but thats a big jump soon, so lets say im rooting for 1470 by the end of october. ive done it, 35 points in one good day. its rare, but it happens to tempo, worm, mouse, spaceC, all of em. this will exceed your '69' record. and thus galvinize your energies, or harness your best efforts that much more...

im sorry for my delay. i see that you have taken everyones advise, all very good. one thing. i strongly believe that while dvoretsky is the best overall book, and while fundamental chess endings is so good also, but then again, quite ponderous and so Dvor's book has the eligence of the necessarily forced reduction or editing process, dvor is quite advanced without pandolphini (PEC), winning chess endings, and/or practical chess endings first (PCE) assymilated.

this is very similar to the rush to do all 30 UCMBM, or nunn instead of chernev MIGCEP.

i spent a LONG TIME r e a d i n g PEC then reading through PCE alike without a board, making myself do it in my head, and PCE took a LONG time, but it was worth it. those in tow, to me, would more validate the added depth of dvor but come first, i sincerely believe.

we all have an urge to get fancy, CTS before chernev winning chess cominations, CT-Art before CT for Beginners, or kotov before pachman, or kasparov MGP before Tatakowers 500 Master Games, but foundations first?

basics first, razzle dazzle latter?

tactics, then endings first,
then openings and pawn structures latter.