Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tactical Magic

My CTS rating is on the rise this week, up 22 points to 1332 @ 86.5% accuracy!

Do you recognize the man above? Yeah, I've switched from CT-ART to Personal Chess Trainer 2007 for tactical practice. I completed 9 tactics, 5 endings, and 1 strategy unit this week.

I'll have something a little more interesting to write on Sunday. Until then, may your chess games be sound and blunder-free!


transformation said...

hello likeforests. congratulations on your CTS, yes ive noticed. what is your best run of successive tries of recent? forty? fifty? hundred+? or 3f/147s= 150 tries @ 98.0% etc? i just did a 2S/148s =150 @ 98.67% and somehow the mental juice kept flowing... 1/99=100 to start...

i am VVEERRYY, very, very eager to hear your take on PCT.

while for me my sincerest feeling is that i dont need another tool or practice or set of events (with already full house viz CTS, CTA-3 when i can bear it, ICC bullet and blitz, Y! blitz, chessBase9 and analysis of my own games, reading 1001 sacrifices and combinations, euwe-kramer middlegame volumes I & II),

if i were to add another element, PCT would be it, yet from all that i have read by our fellow bloggers, other than it is being more recommended all the time, still not COMPLETELY clear to me....

till next time, or sunday,

warmly, dk

likesforests said...

PCT is a simpler study option. It throws at you a mix of calculation and pattern recognition problems and you need to solve within 30s to 3m depending on the problem.

I wouldn't say it's better than CTS plus CT-ART. I think the very short timers on CTS are conductive to testing if you know a pattern and the absence of timers on CT-ART is conductive to deep calculation.

However, PCT's "pause" button fits in well with my schedule. I have many small blocks of time, but I could be interrupted at any moment. That doesn't work well with CTS.

Also, sometimes a change is fun!

"what is your best run of successive tries of recent? forty?"

I'm only using CTS as a yardstick now to measure my progress. Most of my sessions are only 20-40 tries. I usually score 90% in my sessions. 150 @ 98.67?! That is an incredible score! :)

For strategy, I'm annotating my own games and similar ones from CB9. I'm also going through some games in Euwe's Master vs Amateur.

For endings, PCT's endings module focuses on pawn endings. I'm going through those for speed, and where I find gaps reviewing Dvoretsky and

I'm taking a break from Minev. The strategy and tactics sections have already put my on good footing. If someone beats me in a rook ending, I'll probably resume that.

transformation said...

thank you.

i couldnt verbalize this, but you skillfull exposition helps, and while PCT sounds wonderful, with CTS, CTA3, 1001*2 (see my post today) + 1000, alburt, dvoretskys endgame manual including cbase version, annotations, and endgame strategy AND secrets of pawn endings, what i have seems sufficient, and PCT adds one element too many, for now.

thank you!