Saturday, June 09, 2007

A new home.

I've moved. Please take a moment to stop by my new endgame column.

DKTransformation has been writing lately about changes, and I feel a renewed focus on endgame technique is right for me now. It's a great complement to tactical study. I hope many knights will find my new column useful.   :)

[Update - I wrote two great K+P vs K endgame articles, then returned here.]


transformation said...

i am first and foremost a loyal person. while inactive for now (short term only at blogger at least,

but sitting now with mr. maxim blokhs combinative motifs during lunch now at my desk over tea

with the CT-Art 3.0 software browser [six pane view shows next problems at a glance] open. since some take me an hour or two but not often that long, i cannot risk starting what i cannot finish at lunch from work. so previewing my next problems with the book first!

so surely not in any way inactive from CHESS!),

i continue to visit YOUR blog weekly. need i say more?

the other night, i began by saying as much in my epic now vaporized note, as as you presciently say whereby my rest time didnt surpise you, and that big note seemed to be an ending for me here...

so i began to say, that night, that yours was the only blog i had visited ALL week.


yes, i am perhaps overly proud of my relationship with yasser as blue devil cajoled me on, but how many bloggers wake up to find four emails from him? and how could i possible routinize that?

i am not an ordinary person and refuse to pretend otherwise. this is the story of my life...

i will visit your new blog in second.

:) warmest, david

transformation said...

hope that you dont miss my newest post. makes all my prior efforts look half a_s.

warmest, dk