Sunday, September 09, 2007

Seven Rules of Knight Endings

1. Botvinnik's Rule: Knight Endings are Pawn Endings - The techniques that win in a pawn ending (breakthroughs, shouldering, zugzwang, outside pawns) also work in knight endings. Imagine the knights gone and ask what the winning plan is--80% of the time that's correct.

2. If a Knight occupies any square in a pawn's promotion path, except a corner square, he can stop the pawn from promoting. If he even threatens such a square, 90% of the time he can stop the pawn from promoting.

3. Knight endings are extremely tactical. Keep an eye out for forks, checking moves, moves with more than one purpose, and knight sacrifices.

4. The king best shoulders a knight along a diagonal when they're one square distant, and along a rank or file when they're two squares distant.

5. If there are pawns on both wings, centralize your king and knight to increase their mobility. Knights have trouble protecting the rook-file.

6. Knights should defend passed pawns from behind, and blocked pawns from in front (on an adjacent file) so they're immune to capture by the enemy king.

7. "All Knight Endings Are Drawn But Tricky". Knight endings are drawm more often than rook endings, but they require more precise play.


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likesforests said...

Thanks, but I have zero interest in making ~$30/month by filling my pages with ads.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Great post.

likesforests said...

blue devil, I'm glad you had a chance to look over them. I think these are much more practical than the rules I published a few weeks ago.

Glenn Wilson said...

This is great work! Thanks!

likesforests said...

Thanks, Glenn. I really find these endings fascinating, especially the positions that are not so obviously won or lost or draw but have room for great players and their admirers to explore.