Thursday, July 24, 2008

Only a person who risks is free.

What am I up to?

  • I plan to enter an August 10th U1600 G/30 tournament. I probably won't win, but it should give me a better idea how strong I am OTB.

  • I've solved 495/620 tactics in Chess Tactics for Champions.

  • I've gone through ~16 games in my openings
I'm proud to present a new series I've been writing, The Strategy of My System, intended for players rated 1400-2000.

It premiers this Friday. :)
I've been playing a 15+10 every day or two. I think it's good time management practice for the tourney and it keeps my focused on my real weaknesses.

In the game below 11...b4? was a poor move. The game became sharp, but I was very happy I managed to hold everything together tactically. :)



Glenn Wilson said...

I look forward to the new series!

Banatt said...

Very nicely done. looking foreword to the much-anticipated series.

likesforests said...

I just hope the much-anticipated series is worth the anticipation! I have over a hundred people signed up but they range from 1000 to 2000, some have the book and some do not, some want to go fast and some want to go slow. I hope what I've put together will work for most people.

transformation said...

fantastic! eager to hear! enormous faith in your practical talent to be shown much higher of course...

yes, yes, you know the words:
busy, got to run NOW!

busy at gmC (4,200 positions done by six of us), annotating 2 or 300 chessBase GM games.

im serious. bye... back to work, dk

RT Solo said...

Hey man I like your one-a-day of 15+10, so far that's the type of game on FICS that I find is most instructive to me.

I can't wait to read the project you've been working on!

Chessaholic said...

Awesome, looking forward to the series!

Nice game :) 13.Nb5? is bad... It just loses a piece and pretty much the game.

Polly said...

Nice game! Look forward to seeing the My System stuff. Maybe I'll knock the cobwebs off my copy of it and follow along.

likesforests said...

"enormous faith in your practical talent to be shown much higher of course..."

Thanks. Que Será, Será. But I'm hoping I'm a bit stronger than my initial provisional rating.

"I can't wait to read the project you've been working on!"

It's out, and from what others say it might even be good!

"Nice game :) 13.Nb5? ... just loses a piece and ... the game."

Yep. I was just happy I didn't tactically collapse under a bit of pressure at so fast a time control.

"Maybe I'll knock the cobwebs off my copy of it and follow along."

Awesome! You are much more a teacher than I am so feel free to point out any mistakes I make... the better to learn strategy. :)

RT Solo said...

I got a chance to read the first installment! Bravo! I filed the Be3 tactic in my "can't wait to try!" folder! LOL

Your article was even useful to a novice like myself. In particular, I will now try to keep an extra-sharp lookout for ways to develop my own pieces while attacking my opponents thus gaining time and possibly opening tactical possibilities early! Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

You say:

"I placed 5th at the World Open and am working my way up the ranks. :)"

Maybe you should clarufy that this was in the Unrated section!

Ches Guy

likesforests said...

Yes, the unrated section. I have said that a few times. That means all my opponents who flew into Philly for the games had played fewer than 25 USCF games before the event. It is more of a mixed bag than other sections... I believe the strength of the top two players were class A+, while the bottom few players were 600 or so.

likesforests said...

I doubt anyone believed I meant the Open section, as I am not a GM. :)

tony said...


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nd1361 said...

this game is a very very intrasting game