Saturday, July 05, 2008

World Open, Game #4

Being in Philadelphia for the Fourth of July and the World Open has been a blast and educational. I'm scoring 2.5/4.0... I do ok in the opening and ending, but my tactics remind me of Polly's Wacky Wednesdays. Round 4 put me up against a Russian in his late 50s. It was a pulse-pounder... I made a blunder but set a counter-trap and held on like grim death.



Round 1: Win
Round 2: Loss
Round 3: Win
Round 4: Draw
Round 5: Loss
Round 6: Win
Round 7: Win
Round 8: Draw
Round 9: ?


Glenn Wilson said...

Exciting game!

Banatt said...

Nice game! It seemed you were doomed, but somehow managed a comeback! I see now why you are called "The endgame tactician"

likesforests said...

'Endgame' makes sense; I'm not so sure about 'Tactician'. But that will change! This has been such an eye-opening experience. :)

tanc(happyhippo) said...
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tanc(happyhippo) said...

wow, nice perseverance. boy that was pretty messed up, the way he sac'ed all those pawns and traded in his rooks+queen.

hmmm... on move 29, Black should not have traded in his Queen just yet but simply play a stronger move like:

29... Qb5 looks interesting (sorry for the deleted comment) my previous analysis had a loophole.

transformation said...

nice going.

just been to monroi to check results far and wide, and its like a heart attack to find information THERE.


likesforests said...

29...Qb5! Aye, that would have put the lid on the coffin! I think part of the reason he did not see that was psychological. After 15...e4 I took 10 minutes of clock time in a G/45 to recover before I could again play with a clear head (and find the impact of the one silver lining of exf3, the open g-file) My opponent was visibly upset after discovering he had blown a quick win. He did not take any recovery time; he tried to blitz out the remaining moves to take advantage of my time trouble. He didn't realize I could hold an ending like that while using little or no clock time. ;)

likesforests said...

David, thanks. I also gave up on getting info from that site. ;)

likesforests said...

In retrospect I didn't even play the ending well. But determination to hold on by your teeth even when both your position and clock are in bad shape sometimes works small miracles.

likesforests said...

Thankfully, this is by far the worst of my world open games (tactically).

RT Solo said...

Wow this is way above my level, I couldn't understand like 3-4 of the moves...I'd say "Why didn't he take back right away?" Or "How on earth does that move help?". Like GW said, pretty exciting game!

likesforests said...

I set an trap for my opponent. If he had retreated his bishop or taken the pawn I had 19.Qxg7#!

Now that you see that, you should understand the mysterious rook move 16.Rg1. I realized there was no way to save my knight. But the one advantage of losing it was that the g-file would be opened, and his king was on the g-file! And so I won back my piece and was back in the game. :)

Hidden Leaf said...

Ah, it took me a few moments to see, but at last I saw that hadn't he moved 18 ...f5, he wasn't protecting g7 with his Queen.

Interesting game, but as RT put it, way above my level.