Friday, October 20, 2006

Where's Waldo?

The past couple weeks I've been too occupied with work to play or post much about chess. The work's been enjoyable, so it's not so bad. I hope to have something more interesting to say Monday. :)


Bob said...

Heh. I know the feeling. I think, gee, I've got this tournament coming, I'll really practice ... and then work takes over. C'est l'existence.

However, doing much better on CTS. I'm keeping the accuracy in the 85% range and the rating is building slowly but surely; some ups and downs but a general upward trend.

Rating 1329
RD 32.4
Tries 725
Success 85.0 %
Highest rating 1335

State tournament next weekend ... wonder if the CTS work will make any difference?

Samuraipawn said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your profound analysis of my latest game. It's as always greatly appreciated and I hope to present you with something more exciting than my last game in the future. :)


Bob said...

The weekend tournament and CTS practice:

1. Won a game against a fellow rated 250 points higher on a series of tactical situations.

2. Won a game in which I was trailing by keeping the position complex and taking advantage of an error and a pair of tactical opportunities.

3. Drew a game in which I was trailing in the same manner: create complexity, profit from tactical opportunities.

Three out of five games came out well, I am convinced, because of practice on CTS! (One loss, one draw in the other games; picked up about 35 USCF rating points; a good outing.)

SamuraiPawn said...

Hi there!

I’m trying to solve some problems with my new template and wondered if you could help me out. Could you please check out my blog and see if the layout is as it is supposed to, that is with the title “Samurai Chess” at the top of the page.

It seems that people with Internet Explorer 6.0 or older has problems viewing the page correctly, namely some problems with the scrolling function which puts the title and posts further down on the page.. Some have updated their IE to the new 7.0 which seems to have worked out fine. Please get back to me if you experience any problems.



/Chris aka Samuraipawn

transformation said...


im back...


transformation said...

saw last night, you were on CTS, was it, 08 dec if i recollect, with very strong % rank.

chessWaste is now 94.7 and headed to 96%. im working like a dog! 4/382=402 last four hundred, and first 141 in a row correct, then another 132... not easy!

miss you, miss our correspondence. we had the big wind and rain and power outage here for DAYS.