Friday, April 06, 2007

The Phoenix

 Stedfast she gazed upon his fire,
Still her destroyer and her sire!
As if to his her soul of flame
Had flown already whence it came;

Like those that sit and glare so still,
Intense with their death struggle, till
We touch, and curdle at their chill!
But breathing yet while she doth burn
The deathless Daughter of the Sun!

Where have I been? I wasn't too happy with my life, so I rebooted. I found new employment, traveled, bought a home and car, and lost 15 pounds. I've also spent more time with my daughter.

Life's better, but I've missed my chess-playing friends. I'm back to stay! Would someone remind me how the "horsie" moves again?!

I plan to write a new entry every Friday.   :)


transformation said...

indeed it is. welcome back. your friend, David K

transformation said...
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Chess Relearner said...

Welcome back. Sometimes we need time off and a change in direction.

Don't worry, in time you'll learn about the horsie, who moves in the shape of the letter .... something or other.

transformation said...