Friday, April 13, 2007

Training Progress - 4/13/2007

  • Studied rook endgames 1-47 from Minev
  • Rating climbed from 1225 to 1285 on CTS
Minev's "A Practical Guide to Rook Endgames" is an enjoyable read and highly recommended by both Seirawan and Kasparov.

The Tactics section illustrates 40 common skewers, pins, double attack, and deflections. Although I solved them all once, I plan to repeat until the patterns are imprinted in my memory. Spaced repetition seems to help with tactics.

The Strategy section demonstrates imbalances and plans with 80 diagrams. I'm memorizing the words and playing through the variations three times each.

The Basic Positions section contains 80 must-know diagrams. These I'll need to play as White, as Black, with the move, without the move, one rank closer, and one rank further until I achieve mastery. I already know Lucena, Saavedra, and Philidor... but I'm looking forward to becoming better acquainted with Karstedt, Berger, and Cheron.

Endgame study #47. Black to move and win!

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transformation said...

every Friday indeed--so far!

nice work.

how much time are you devoting to chess? i have often thought that we can make a game out of a game, such as to say: "how good can i get, with no more than ten (or twenty-five!) hours per week, in the next two years? so that, if i waste time on frills, then i get a deduct from my allocable time.

in the study of whole, integrative, or complex adaptive systems, diminishing returns is a key concept.

sometimes there is tendancy towards the comfort of a fixed routine rather than change, disruption, struggle, and variation.

in social, natural, financial, heuristical, and operational systems, even spiritual systems, the tendency when seeking greater results is the temptation for 'greater energy throughput' rather than 'work smarter not harder', a stuggle of mine.

some folks struggle NOT to get in bed.

i struggle not to stay awake. i am serious.

psychoanalyst James Gustafson in his Self Delight in a Harsh World Points out that in human affairs, there major tendencies are three work: delaying, subserviance, and overpowering.

have a nice day, and great to have you back. warmly, dk