Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bishop & Pawn vs Knight

This is the most common minor piece ending, so it's definitely good to know.

The attacker often must force his opponent into zugzwang in order to win. That's because bishops can "lose a move" much easier than knights can.

1.Kc7 Kc5 2.Bc6 (zugzwang). If Black moves his king, he loses his knight. If Black moves his knight, White's pawn can queen.

Sometimes, the attacker can corral the enemy knight, restricting its movement. If the knight becomes immobilized, the attacker wins easily.

The defender draws if he can get in front of the pawn or protect his knight.

1...Be6 2.Ne3 Bd7 3.Ng2 Bh3 4.Ne3 =

Bishop & Pawn vs Knight is drawn roughly 70% of the time. Even if the attacker promotes, they still have to win another endgame--Queen vs Knight.

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