Thursday, August 16, 2007

Capablanca-Corzo, 1901

I recently acquired "Capablanca's Best Chess Endings". Over the coming week, I plan to share some of these games with you.

The first game was a let down, because Corzo blundered away the Cuban Championship by playing 29...Nf5. After 30.Kxg4 and 31.Bxf5 or 31.Bxg4 White's playing an endgame that even I can evaluate as won (a passed pawn with pawns on both wings).

Then I played out the position against Rybka, and I didn't win! Perhaps this tells me something about Capablanca. He didn't show endgame genius in this game, but he did demonstrate superb technique we should seek to emulate.

It also tells me I need to spend more time studying bishop vs knight endgames!

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Samurai Pawn said...

Your page has become both a great resource for endgame material and for inspiration. Cause let's face it, we all know that an endgame book is usually as much fun and inspirational as a fearing hedgehog stuck up the "beep!".

Thanks for keeping it fun and interesting for the rest of us.


likesforests said...

Some people find endgames boring? No way! Glad you enjoyed and hope to see more material on your blog soon. :)