Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knight Endgames II

I wanted a chance to apply Botvinnik's maxim that knight endgames are pawn endgames, and I remembered that takchess had recently played a long knight endgame to a draw, so what better an opportunity to try this new theory?

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To my surprise, the theory is actually true!

The key is to realize that you have a passed pawn on the d-file, and on the a/b files a pawn majority which could very easily be converted into a second passed pawn. Once you have two passed pawns, Black will have a nightmarish time trying to defend both threats. Even a top chess engine didn't last very long--and I imagine a human would lose even quicker.


transformation said...

a LOT of good stuff. fantastic to have you back, or back HERE. warmly, dk

likesforests said...

I feel motivated. I've written more about endings in the past week than, well, ever. And some endings are becoming much less mysterious.