Sunday, November 04, 2007

Attacking on the e-file


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Sometimes your opponent doesn't castle. How do you take advantage? A typical plan is to attack on the e-file, and these are some wonderful annotated examples.


ookwelbekendalsemc said...

Are you also registered as likesforests on chessmaster's gm edition's forum? If so, i take it you have gotten yourself a copy of the new version? If so, is there any significant improvement compared to 10th edition? I have the feeling it is just the 10th edition with some more colors. I read a comment of the forum of which i thought to be yours. It said the program still does not resign when losing. And that is probably what keeps me from playing against it.

likesforests said...

That's me! If you already have CM10 I think you're only missing 7 lessons and 14 annotated games by Waitzkin, the stronger engine, and maybe some graphical refinements. I gave my copy of CM10 to my nephew so I needed a new copy anyway.

I'm using it as a sparring partner. Eg, playing a bunch of 3/0 Nimzo-Indian Rubinstein 4.Qc2 games to get a feel for the middlegames resulting from that line. I count it the same whether I'm won or simply winning when the flag falls.

I bet you like that you can create your own personalities in CM. No doubt you've already created a 'Marlies Bendorp' to play with. ;)

ookwelbekendalsemc said...

Yeas i have CM10. But i'll probably get me a copy of 11 anyway. As well as a copy of fritz 11. I'm not in a rush though. And no, i haven't created personalities of my own yet. And a virtual Marlies doesn't do the trick for me ;)