Monday, November 12, 2007


In preparation for my first coaching session I played in a G/45 tournament, won all my games, and made no tactical blunders! So I'm feeling confident when I show my coach the toughest game of the match, which came down to a rook endgame.

Of course, they found a gazillion holes in my play. Apparently I know how to play endgames and how to use a space advantage... but I have a terrible sense of time and I don't calculate enough candidates... I play the first reasonable move. An interesting lesson.   :)


ookwelbekendalsemc said...

Very nice!

You've got yourself a bad ass* endgame right there!

*bad ass=good

Samuraipawn said...

Nice one! Did the tactical shot you missed include 14.dxe6 and 15.Nd4?

Polly said...

I can relate to having my wins taken apart. I'd think I played a wonderful game, then my teacher would find all the little things that my opponent and I missed.

Very nice ending though.

likesforests said...

Edwin, thanks!

Samurai, that was one of them. The most surprising was 17...Nxd5!? when Black wins a pawn due to the pin on the c-file.

Polly, I hear you're a good chess teacher, so I imagine you're usually the one taking apart games. :)

Blue Devil Knight said...

How did you find a coach? Online or in person?

likesforests said...

Online. Local NMs charge $65/hour and I would need to drive 60min each way to see them. On ICC I can train with an NM for about $20/hour, which won't break my bank.

Anonymous said...

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Getting to 2000

happyhippo said...

Well played esp. the endgame! I luv how you zug your opponent.