Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tough Games

I decided to play in an "Open" section this weekend and scored 1.5/3.0. I guess that's not bad, but I think advancing beyond this pack will be difficult.

At the 1500-1650 level opponents generally hang onto material but often allow me to obtain a space advantage, half-open file, or a bind on one colour (which I can use to win). At the 1850-2050 level opponents seem to give away very little for free.

My 2-Week Plan:
  1. Tactics - Continue training mating patterns

  2. Calculation - Study 3 Queen's Indian or Nimzo-Indian games

  3. Ideas - Play through 10 annotated games


Edwin said...

The further you advance, the harder it gets.

likesforests said...

Aye... I guess if it got easier this wouldn't be the sport for me.

happyhippo said...


This is a highly commendable result. To achieve 1.5/3.0 in an Open is no small feat. Well done!

The main thing is to continue to work on your game. The initial stage is always accompanied with some knockback to your ratings once you get accustomed to playing more skilled opponents. But as you start becoming more and more comfortable in this group, sooner or later, your ratings will go up.


Cratercat said...

Wow, that game against the 2029 person was a nailbiter! Very tough and tenacious play by the both of you. I'm sure the time pressure had its effect in overlooking his mate-in-one.

Samuraipawn said...

Beautiful exchange sacrifice! It was also very instructive to see how you analysed the position before you decided to do it.

My first thought after seeing the second game was: "How is it possible that anyone could draw an endgame against Likesforests aka Mr. Endgame? Is it possible that he is but a mere mortal?" :D

Great performance!

likesforests said...

"The initial stage is always accompanied with some knockback to your ratings once you get accustomed to playing more skilled opponents"

I won't be surprised if I score 1/3 next time. It was fun facing worthy opponents who could expose errors in my play, and realizing that I was not easy prey for them.

"Very tough and tenacious play by the both of you."

Thanks. I'm focusing on making concrete, purposeful moves since my coach told me I make too many nice-looking general moves that do not take into account the truth on the board.

"Is it possible that he is but a mere mortal?"

lol. Although I played carelessly (missing 29...f5, for example), I think the game was already drawn when we entered the endgame. 23...a5! looks like my last real try for a winning advantage.

I'm not a strong endgame player, I just know them well enough to punish players who haven't studied them in any serious depth.

Polly said...

Bravo! Nicely done. Playing up is always a challenge, and you held your own quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

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Jon Burgess (National Master)

transformation said...

to my aesthetic eyes, all very, very exquisitely beautifully presented (here and preceding, extensive), smart, smart, smart. lovely. dk

iw said...

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likesforests said...

Great idea, but I prefer anonymity.

Cratercat said...

hello again - I recently posted two games, the second one of which I thought you might find interesting and perhaps share anything you see in the endgame where I could have done better.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Too bad the time got out of hand in the first game. A very nice fight!