Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanskgiving!

May your turkey taste delicious,
May you share your table with loved ones,
And may your belt fit tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A week ago Loomis crushed me in a couple Gruenfeld blitz games. I used to play anti-Gruenfeld lines, but my coach advised me that I undervalue control of the center, and that playing the mainlines would be educational.

I'm White, and my position is collapsing.

So I've been studying the Gruenfeld and sharpening my tactics. I also tried the Queen's Indian Defense for the first time in a correspondence game.

Actually, his goose was cooked even before the blunder 16.Ra2??. And I think 13...Bb4 might have been a stronger move than 13...O-O.


likesforests said...

I hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday. :)

iw said...

Happy thanksgiving to you too

Glenn Wilson said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Happy T-day to you too. Thanks.

happyhippo said...
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happyhippo said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving from down under!

The Rise and Shine Good Knight said...

New Post! Anybody have any ideas?

happyhippo said...

Hello likesforests,

I myself am learning the QID.

I find the QID defence tends to lead to 2 results. If White is gung-ho, it tends to lead to complex middlegame struggles. If White plays it safe, the QID can lead to rather boring positions.

I am fortunate in that my local library stocks a book called the Starting Out: The Queen's Indian Defence by John Emms.

It's a very good intro book into the QID. Emms discusses various positions arising from the QID (including the "modern" treatment with Bb4 ala Nimzo Indian style).

I would recommend you have a look at this book if you're interested in learning the QID.


Samuraipawn said...

A very belated happy Thanksgiving!

likesforests said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

And the tip! I've started out with The Queen's Indian - The Easy Way by Jacob Aagard but I will keep the book you mentioned in mind when I'm ready to graduate beyond that. :)