Saturday, June 21, 2008

Will it be Jekyll or Hyde at the World Open?

It's only a week or so until I fly to Philadelphia for the World Open.

My practice games make me wonder whether it'll be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde who shows up. Here are a couple games I played completely differently this week.

The first is a correspondence game; I clinched a perfect score in round one in the 1st 1400-1800 correspondence tournament. After 9.Nc3 I've won the opening, 13.e4! is the winning tactic, and I convert effortlessly.

The second is a game I played at G/15 time controls. Again I win the opening and convert effortlessly, but only after 12.Nd5?! and 13.Ne3?, tactical blunders that would've landed me in hot water against a stronger (or luckier) opponent.

Which player will show up at the World Open?


Glenn Wilson said...

The blunderful game was played at a pretty quick time control. So, I expect that you will play better than that at the WO. Good luck!

Banatt said...

I enjoyed your game that was not "blunderful". 13.e4 was fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the world open! Maybe next year I can go. Enjoy your cheese steak. Oh and the soft pretzels are also pretty happening.


Tom Chivers said...

Which of Jekyll and Hyde do you suppose is a good chess player, which a patzer . . . ?

BlunderProne said...

Ah Nuts! You can't judge your play with the online stuff. Its a completely different beast, 3 dimmensional and HOOMAN opponents...tend to make you more cautious.

Interesting line you choose with the English and the 5Ng5 hypermodern line... I'm used to seeing an early g3 and king side fianchetto. Maybe I haven't paid enough attention to the english lately but that is sure to stir up a few surprises.

I'll catch you on the other side. You can't miss me. I'll be wearing my new shirts :)

Anonymous said...

I plan to play in World Open the U2000.

What section will you be playing in, I would like to say hi.

Anonymous said...

above comment left by Getting to 2000

Polly said...

Maybe your Dr. Jekyll can play my Dr. Jeckyll, and your Mr. Hyde can play my Mrs. Hyde. I wish I knew which one was really going to show up.

Anonymous said...

It's really a tossup as to whether Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde is more frightening looking in that poster. Men with makeup FTW.