Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tourney Victories & World Open Training

Tournament Victories

I scored a perfect 8 out of 8 points in the first round of the 1st correspondence tournament (U1800 section), raising my rating to 1873.

Despite being one of the favorites, I will probably withdraw. I want to become a master of OTB chess, not correspondence chess, and subsequent rounds will probably require more analysis time to score.

World Open Training

I don't think my training regimen can really be called intense training, but here are the things I've done to improve my chances:

Openings - Refined my White opening repertoire based on lines I've had trouble with, books, master games, and statistics. Played and analyzed 16 10+5 games to get comfortable with it.

Experience - There's no substitute, but I read the rulebook, familiarized myself with my clock, played a few locals OTB, and have gotten useful insights from cratercat and polly on what to expect.

Diet & Physical Training - I am still boxing, swimming, hiking, etc. daily and eating right to get in better shape.

Endgames - Reviewed Q v K, R v K, B+B v K, B+N vs K for speed & K+P v K, K+2P v K, K+P vs K+P, K+2P vs K+P for accuracy.

Strategy - I've been reading up on passed pawns, pawn chains, weak pawns, and pawn breaks, especially from My System.

Tactics - I've reviewed sections of CT-B and Heisman's tactics book.

In the final two weeks my focus will be on refining my Black repertoire and avoiding basic tactical or endgame errors.

Can't Wait!

BluderProne & BlunderDaughter, ChessLoser, and SuperKnight42 will be there. It will be fun to meet some fellow bloggers. :)


Banatt said...

Nice job on the 8/8.

The training you are doing seems very good. Good luck!

likesforests said...

Thanks. Mostly it can be summed up as follows: "Argh!? How long have I been playing and I still don't have a full repertoire??" and "I don't want to hang my queen!!". :)

Blue Devil Knight said...

Maybe I should drive up there just to harass ya' bastards :)

Sounds like a lot of fun!

likesforests said...

bdk, that's a wickedly long drive, but if you make it out here we'll each buy you a pint. ;)

BlunderProne said...

I travel under the Alias : George Duval to save my cult hero status of Blunderprone.

There may be a chessloser and Blunderprone rocking chess jam at some point as I am packing the guitars. I pack percussive devices for this to be a group event.

Anonymous said...

What section are you playing in the WO?

likesforests said...

Anon, this is my first tournament so my only options were Unrated, U2400, or Open. I chose to play down rather than up. Either my section will be a piece of cake (and I win back my travel money) or it will be a useful learning experience. Perhaps both!

transformation said...

we need a good photo of you!